Husqvarna Chainsaws & Blowers

Husqvarna Chainsaws & Blowers

Nature has Met its Match.

Choose a Husqvarna Chainsaw or Blower for your most challenging projects.

From taking down large trees to efficiently gathering your yard's leaves, choose Husqvarna. With consistent power and extreme durability, you can trust a Husqvarna to help you tackle your hardest outdoor tasks with ease.

Jack's Small Engine Repair carries a complete line of Husqvarna Chainsaws and Blowers for all your outdoor projects. Now is the time to buy, so feel free to browse our most popular equipment below or stop in today to take yours home. Also, review our helpful tips and tricks below to ensure you're using your new Husqvarna equipment correctly and safely.

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Chainsaw Safety Tips

Safety Equipment

Ensure you're dressed right & understand the safety features of your chainsaw. All Husqvarna chainsaws include an inertia activated chain brake. If a kickback occurs and the tip of the bar is forced upwards, the inertia of the front guard should activate the chain brake instantly to stop the chain.

On-site Safety

When you arrive at the working site, it’s time to plan for the felling! Study the tree to see if it has been damaged by decay or cracks. Is the tree leaning? In which direction should the tree be felled, bearing in mind your future work?

Saw handling

Using proper techniques will minimize the risk of injury or strain. Wrap thumbs and fingers completely around the handles and hold your left-hand thumb under the front handle to reduce the force of a kickback. Also, get into the correct position: The optimal working position is with your left foot in front of your right and with your knees – not your back – bent. Finally, don’t be afraid of the saw. Hold it close to your body to achieve balance and accuracy.

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